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A lot of “light bulb” moments for me as her mother. Even though you think you know your child so well, I felt I learnt so much more about Lauren from the report and your consultation and a sense of calm and acceptance descended upon me on Tuesday night! So thank you for that. (Just wish we had done this earlier)

Kerrie, mother of year 12 student

Holly found this program helped cement her career choice decision. She felt her strengths played a dominant role in most parts of her career choice. Holly’s weaknesses also gave her the opportunity to grow in the area that required attention and also gave her the understanding of her character. This was an unbelievable experience that will help Holly understand her ability through life.

Parent - year 10 student

I thought it was a great experience and I gained insight on what my abilities were, especially to do with the visual arts. I never really thought that I may have had abilities in that area so it was a surprise to me. I also found it was very helpful in guiding my choices for my electives.

Beau, year 9 student

“We spent over $100,000 on our son’s education and when he graduated he did not have a clue what he was going to do or even what he was really good at. The small investment in the natural abilities testing made all of the difference. After the feedback session he felt great about who he was, and had a clear direction of where he was going.”

Parents – High School Graduate

A small price to pay for a lifetime of personal insight and self knowledge. Our 16 year old son is now more motivated and has more direction. He was pleased to discover some specific abilities that will enable him find a satisfying future. The testing process was also able to isolate some areas that might not suit his abilities or his personal style and this is equally important to his future. As parents we now understand him more and we respect his unique abilities and personal style. Linking potential careers to tested abilities is inspiring and exciting. The advice about making the most of his abilities and personal style has changed his perspective and enabled him to make positive changes which will allow him to reach his potential. This process takes a lot of pressure from a student because it provides them with essential information about themselves. This self knowledge increases confidence and makes a happy successful future seem much more real.

Marg – Parent of Year 11 Student

It was great to identify Ruby’s natural learning abilities, we intend to leverage these to assist her through year 12 and university. We also found the report to be extremely accurate and has provided direction on career direction.

Michael – parent of year 11 student

I think it is very powerful to help a child understand what they are innately good at and what they will ‘naturally’ enjoy. In a world with so many options, providing this sort of guidance to them, even as deep and complex as it is, can prove to be very helpful for them when choosing subjects and more broadly, looking at career direction. At their age they don’t really know what they ‘like’ but with this information they can maybe look for what they like in a targeted way. As a parent, aside from be able to help with all of the above, this was affirming as much of it aligned with what we observe out of school and maps quite closely to personality traits, behaviours and some of the observed learning outcomes. Very interesting and helpful from a school AND home perspective, thanks. Very grateful for Hillcrest to provide this wonderful service – My wife and I are also thinking of completing this to help us in our own careers.

Lisa – parent Year 9 student

I was very happy with the Natural Ability program and I think it is an important part of every student’s education. It is very important for growth in self awareness to understand your interests and your strengths, especially when considering subjects for Years 10-12 and future careers. I was also very pleased that the natural Ability program looked at learning styles. Year 9 is the perfect time to present this program. My older daughter, who is now finished school, missed out on the opportunity to discover her Natural Abilities. It took her a few years after school to find her path and I think she would have benefited from this program too. I am happy with the way in which a variety of career paths are suggested according to the different interests and abilities that are inherent in each student, so that they are not “pigeon-holed” into a specific career which can be the downfall of these types of programs.

Michell – parent Year 9 student

Our son indicated he had an interest in engineering, but he was also good at a lot of other things so we were not sure what was best. After completing the Natural Abilities process it confirmed his abilities for engineering and helped us to focus on a plan going forward.

Jo, Parent of year 11 student

I loved the assessment as it confirmed things for me: The assessment came up with a music gifting which I had put aside before thinking it would be too much for me to take in. I started guitar about a year ago and love it. It also help to explain my learning style: I am not good with the reading and writing but a visual learner. I took these findings to Mr Fesuk who when others have something to read he gives me a video option. We actually did a test and I got 3/10 when asked questions after a reading and 8/10 after a video presentation. I could have been labelled not so smart, but it is not that, it is just that my learning style is different.

Jacob, Year 10 student
Corporations and Large Institutions who have effectively used the Highlands Ability Battery as part of their training:

Bell South, Charles Schwab & Co., Cingular Telecom, Cisco Systems, Coca Cola, Colorado State University, US Food & Drug Administration, Glaxo Smith Kline Pharmaceuticals, Hewlett Packard, IBM, JP Morgan Chase, Pfizer Pharmaceuticals, St. Josephs University, State Farm Insurance, Turner Broadcasting, US Naval Academy, University of Georgia, University of North Carolina, Weather Channel, Wyeth Pharmaceuticals.