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“Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom” – Aristotle

Self Awareness and a clear understanding of Strengths & Weaknesses is an important part of the high school experience. Major future decisions are made as early as year 10 as students choose the critical subjects for years 11 & 12 which can have a significant bearing on their choices for university courses or other post school decisions. This sets in motion a series of decisions which can have lifetime impacts both good and bad. Knowledge of Self Awareness, Strengths & Weaknesses, Values, Interests, Abilities and Personality are all part of the career guidance pathway which really begins to take root in the final years of high school. (Great for starting university students as well)

Despite this importance, individual future and career guidance is getting less and less attention, less school time and less financial contribution. The student is expected to “know” what they want to do and the counselor will provide the material they need, assist in applications or even help facilitate work experience. The student to counselor ratio is too high thus making individual guidance virtually impossible.

The reality is most students do not know what they want to do, and despite 13 years of schooling, and countless tests, usually are not very aware of what they are good at or where they will best fit in the working world.

  • Grades and scholastic performance can be a false indicator of ability as a good student can easily do well in all disciplines and a poor student may struggle in all disciplines. (the poor student may have non scholastic learning channels and simply cannot learn the material in the way it is presented despite being a very gifted individual)
  • School is very rewarding for students with a broad general knowledge whereas most “real world” occupations reward those workers with a very specialized knowledge. (a student may be great at one thing in school, however may have little interest or ability in other areas so on a overall measurement they are considered poor students and given fewer opportunities)
  • Students learn in different ways and not understanding how they uniquely learn can make school very hard for otherwise very bright students.

Natural Ability testing is all about giving everyone their best chance for a successful future based on who they are as a unique individual.

This program will:

  • Define the student’s Natural Abilities
  • Promote Self Understanding and Awareness
  • Build Self Confidence and Self Worth
  • Guide Educational Choices (subject selection – university course)
  • Guide and Optimize Career Options
  • Help Students to Learn their Best Learning Channels
  • Give Students a Clear Personal Vision
  • Lead to Success and Self Fulfillment

More and more schools and school leaders are recognizing the importance of teaching self awareness, providing individual career guidance and the need to help their students learn more about their natural abilities and how critical the timing of this is in the educational process. Most of these schools have found that outsourcing this service to specialist gets the best results in the most cost effective manner and takes up much less school time than if managed and delivered “in-house”. Click here to review the School Ability Program.

Natural Ability has a proven School Based Ability Program that can deliver amazing personalized and lasting ability and career guidance requiring only 3 to 4 hours of school or after school time, at a cost of as little as $165 per student. This is a complete package including the world’s best aptitude assessment tool, small interactive group workshops, detailed individual ability and career reports, parent information session, and staff training and support.
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The result is a document and experience which can be life changing for many students and their families.

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Our aptitude assessment tool is one of the best in the world. Compared to most cheap assessment tools available on-line and used by many schools is like comparing a MRI with a $1 iPhone X-Ray app. Would you really trust your injury or in this case future to a cheap application?

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Feedback from 1000 Students

Did You Know?

  • $72,000 is the average amount being paid for a university education today.
  • Over 50% of today’s university students will change their choice of major.
  • 65% of university seniors surveyed wished they had chosen a different field.
  • Students are graduating from university without a clear vision of who they are or what they want to do or achieve.

Research has shown that young people who have a positive vision for themselves in an attainable future:

  • Complete university on time – more often.
  • Get better grades.
  • Feel happier, more satisfied, and more enthusiastic about university.
  • Tend to get better jobs that are more related to the academic work they did in university.
  • Earn up to three times the work-related income over time.

If you would like to know more about how this program can become a valuable part of your service to your students and school family e-mail us or call us and we will ensure you are provided with all of the information you need to make an informed decision.


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