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We were all born unique with our own individual strengths and weaknesses and personal set of abilities but too often we are a square peg getting forced to fit into a round hole. Imagine how great it would be to find the square hole, the perfect match for your unique abilities, the place in the world where you “fit”.

That is what Natural Ability is all about, helping you find the right fit in your team, your work or your career based on your unique abilities and to design your own future based on who you are as a unique individual.

Whether you are a student looking for university and career guidance, an adult looking for a career change or a school looking for a great personal development and career planning program, you have come to the right place.

Our world class aptitude testing, personalized reporting and one on one counseling or group workshops are guaranteed to help you get on the right track for success.

Our Services



Designed for High School & University Students Critical for self awareness and making the right future choices.

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Designed to help adults who are at "turning points" in their career or life. Make sure your next move is the right one for you.

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Give your students the opportunity to achieve incredible Self Awareness and personalized Career Planning through our powerful school group programs.

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The Testing Process

We use one of the world’s most accurate aptitude assessment tools based on over 90 years of research.

  • Challenging and comprehensive exercises testing 19 abilities.
  • Objective testing (what you can do not what you think you can do).
  • Personalized Reports and results that combine all 19 scores for your unique profile.
  • Clear personal career guidance based on your blend of abilities.
  • Personal career links to world’s largest career database.

Whether you call them abilities, talents, gifts, innate qualities or aptitudes, by measuring and defining your special abilities, you will learn what you can do best and how to apply them in your career, education, and leadership roles.

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A lot of “light bulb” moments for me as her mother. Even though you think you know your child so well, I felt I learnt so much more about Lauren from the report and your consultation and a sense of calm and acceptance descended upon me on Tuesday night! So thank you for that. (Just wish we had done this earlier)

Kerrie, mother of year 12 student

Holly found this program helped cement her career choice decision. She felt her strengths played a dominant role in most parts of her career choice. Holly’s weaknesses also gave her the opportunity to grow in the area that required attention and also gave her the understanding of her character. This was an unbelievable experience that will help Holly understand her ability through life.

Parent - year 10 student

I thought it was a great experience and I gained insight on what my abilities were, especially to do with the visual arts. I never really thought that I may have had abilities in that area so it was a surprise to me. I also found it was very helpful in guiding my choices for my electives.

Beau, year 9 student

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We sincerely believe the Highlands Ability Battery is the most comprehensive natural ability testing tool available in Australia today,

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About Us


Natural Ability Pty Ltd was founded by Robert & Tracy Wall in 2007 and since then they and their team have worked with thousands of students, adults, schools and corporate executives around the world in helping them to discover their unique natural abilities and how their abilities relate to major life issues like career planning, career change, team building and team dynamics and relationships.

Natural Ability is an Internationally Certified Consultant with the Highlands Company (New York); publishers of the gold standard aptitude assessment tool the Highlands Ability Battery (HAB). Robert & Tracy are part of the Highlands Company development team and were critical contributors to the Highlands Career Exploration Report.

Natural Ability is a leading provider of aptitude assessment and career planning services in the Asia Pacific region and offer well respected programs for individuals, high schools and companies. Our services are unique in that they look at the "whole" person which combines personal style, aptitudes, learning styles, creative, musical and creative abilities as well as interest, values and previous skills before providing feedback and direction to the individual. The result is incredible personal and individual guidance to help our clients make very accurate decisions for their future, based on who they are as a unique individual.

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