About Us


Natural Ability Pty Ltd was founded by Robert & Tracy Wall in 2007 and since then they and their team have worked with thousands of students, adults, schools and corporate executives around the world in helping them to discover their unique natural abilities and how their abilities relate to major life issues like career planning, career change, team building and team dynamics and relationships.

Natural Ability is an Internationally Certified Consultant with the Highlands Company (New York); publishers of the gold standard aptitude assessment tool the Highlands Ability Battery (HAB). Robert & Tracy are part of the Highlands Company development team and were critical contributors to the Highlands Career Exploration Report.

Natural Ability is a leading provider of aptitude assessment and career planning services in the Asia Pacific region and offer well respected programs for individuals, high schools and companies. Our services are unique in that they look at the “whole” person which combines personal style, aptitudes, learning styles, creative, musical and creative abilities as well as interest, values and previous skills before providing feedback and direction to the individual. The result is incredible personal and individual guidance to help our clients make very accurate decisions for their future, based on who they are as a unique individual.


Executive Team


Robert Wall – Director/CEO

Robert has a diverse entrepreneurial background with over 30 years of business building and marketing experience in a range of different industries ranging from telecommunications, media, mining, and education development. He has founded and managed international businesses with staffing levels of up to 300 and providing services to over 50 countries.

Uniquely Robert took this ability test when he was 16 and again 30 years later, and his scores had hardly changed, confirming the fact that our abilities are set for life around age 14.

Robert is a skilled facilitator with both groups and individuals and manages the business development of the company. Robert studied Business & Marketing at the University of Mississippi.



Tracy Wall – Director / Head Facilitator

Tracy is an experienced counselor and facilitator who has studied both psychology and counseling at Bond University and the Australian College of Applied Psychology. Tracy also has a background in teaching ESL. Tracy has worked extensively with teenagers, young adults and older adults in private practice, schools and corporations.

Tracy trains and manages the team counselors and facilitators and directs the high school ability workshops.


Ruth Corlett – Life and Career Coach, New Zealand Natural Ability Consultant

Ruth is an internationally accredited life and career coach with 10 years experience in both New Zealand and Asia.

She specialises in helping clients identify their natural abilities and their best work type match. Ruth has spent the last 8 years working with an international school in Thailand, providing the assessment for the top two senior classes and parents.

Alongside her work as a coach, Ruth also works in the non-profit sector as director of a charity that helps refugees in Burma/Myanmar, which included living in north Thailand for 15 years. As a result she also specialises in transition coaching for expats settling into a new country, with a strong focus on work-life balance and preventing burnout.

NZ Contact: +64 223723116