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Just wanted to say that in all of Alise’s schooling at Hillcrest the most valuable input has been the natural abilities test. It has been the best $180 I have ever spent and invested. It is the most brilliant information a child can get to help steer them towards a career that is going to be enjoyable and suitable for their learning styles. Also self-awareness on how they study and learn best. Unfortunately schools don’t cater to all learning styles but at least children can be proactive to then themselves put in the extra effort required to achieve the results they are looking for through self-awareness. Can’t thank the school enough for bringing that into Hillcrest and would encourage any parents that haven’t done this to do so.

Jane, mother of year 10 student

The process was very simple and seamless. Skype session is very good. Robert got to learn more about himself. He is thinking about things which he wouldn’t have otherwise. Thank you for all your help with the program

Laura – Parent Year 12 Student

It was good to find out what I know of my child was reflected in his report, personality and ability. Kids do not always believe in there parents opinion but it changes when an independent person gives them the same info through a reputable testing program

Erica – parent Year 10 student

We always knew our son was intelligent, but school was a struggle for him and really affected his self esteem. The test results identified where his unique abilities were, especially in creativity and design, and also his best learning channels. He felt really good about himself after the feedback, had a great last term in year 12, and is doing well in his first term of University.

–Ed, parent of High School Student

It was invaluable in helping us to recognise what is important in helping our daughter to select subjects for her senior years of schooling.

Kath, Parent of year 9 student

As a parent of the student that took the test I can’t recommend it highly enough. When your child is confused and frustrated with what direction their life should take, a test like this helps them see clearly what their strengths are and in doing so helps point them in the right direction. My daughter now has knowledge and support from another source she trusts, so feels more confident in her decision.

Tracey, mother of year 10 student

I found the process to be thorough and professional in its approach. Beau and I felt comfortable and receptive to the whole experience. It was pleasing to see that Beau absorbed the information and was more than willing to discuss the outcomes with us at home. He has now decided to alter his electives for next year with confidence.

Robyn, mother of year 9 student

We found this program so helpful. Many things were uncovered we had no idea about and the guidance and learning information is so beneficial.

Craig – parent 15 year-old student

I can’t believe how accurate this test was to identify who I was and how I thought. It was very liberating because I always felt I had certain talents and abilities, but did not know what they meant or how to express them. I now have a clear direction for uni, and several career options.

- Al, 18 year old student

It was amazing how accurate the program was. I have learned how to study better, as well as figure out why I think about things the way I do and how I am as a person.

Jessica, Year 12 Student
Corporations and Large Institutions who have effectively used the Highlands Ability Battery as part of their training:

Bell South, Charles Schwab & Co., Cingular Telecom, Cisco Systems, Coca Cola, Colorado State University, US Food & Drug Administration, Glaxo Smith Kline Pharmaceuticals, Hewlett Packard, IBM, JP Morgan Chase, Pfizer Pharmaceuticals, St. Josephs University, State Farm Insurance, Turner Broadcasting, US Naval Academy, University of Georgia, University of North Carolina, Weather Channel, Wyeth Pharmaceuticals.