Our top testimonials


I found the process very helpful in helping to clarify my natural abilities. I feel more confident that I can work more consciously with what comes more naturally for me. I believe this will be of benefit when it comes to connecting and communicating with others. Through the consultation the results of my test were put into perspective. This gave me a much better understanding of myself and also dispelled any negative impressions I had about my lower scores in the driving abilities section of the test.

Julie, 50 Adult in transition

Taking the Natural Ability test was an eye opening and liberating experience. The results confirmed why I’ve been unhappy in my career. I wish I had taken this test in high school. It definitely would help one select courses and a career that were a better fit and help identify the best study methods.
I would highly recommend taking this test to anyone who is unsure of what to study, deciding if they should pursue a career in the field they’ve studied or at a cross roads in their career. The sooner the better.

Michael, 45 IT senior executive

This process has been enlightening and very helpful in shaping my thoughts for my next steps. It’s as if my brain has been shaken up and now the pieces need to fall into place.

Nick, 35 Banking Executive

I gained insights about myself that I wouldn’t be able or it would take too long to find out. Also, it explained somehow why I succeed in some roles and why I didn’t in others. Most important I learned what I don’t want to be doing from now on.

Pedro, 30 software programmer

Yes it showed me why I was doing what I was doing with my career and further more allowed me to see why things frustrated and stressed me as well as why I enjoy certain aspects of my current work and not others. This has been very useful to help me understand how I might be more successful in future by focusing on strengths and recruiting others for weaknesses

Brendan, 38, Corporate Executive

Natural Ability has impressed me as a very professional organisation who are very willing to be flexible and support the needs of our school and our students. Their testing tools and reporting materials have impressed as having a high degree of validity.

Ian McKay – Principal – Kings College

Thanks for the program, the overwhelming response from the College community has been positive since we completed the testing earlier in the year. I will be in touch soon to arrange dates for next year’s testing.

Daniel Kelly – Career Counselor – Emmanuel Anglican

Overall the system delivers all and more than it claims and represents incredible value for money on a per student basis. Our principal was so impressed he has already commissioned the testing of his leadership team.

Andrew Philpot – Career Counselor – Kings College

I have received some wonderful feedback from both students and parents following your time here – so much so that the parents are wondering if they could access it for their other children.

Kerry Turner – Career Counselor – Moriah College

I know All Saints has made a considerable investment in this process so I just wanted to pass on my experience and say that I believe it is money well spent. I hope the school continues to offer this program so that my daughter gets to undertake the Highlands Ability Battery and receive her very detailed report.

Deb Taylor – Parent – All Saints Anglican
Corporations and Large Institutions who have effectively used the Highlands Ability Battery as part of their training:

Bell South, Charles Schwab & Co., Cingular Telecom, Cisco Systems, Coca Cola, Colorado State University, US Food & Drug Administration, Glaxo Smith Kline Pharmaceuticals, Hewlett Packard, IBM, JP Morgan Chase, Pfizer Pharmaceuticals, St. Josephs University, State Farm Insurance, Turner Broadcasting, US Naval Academy, University of Georgia, University of North Carolina, Weather Channel, Wyeth Pharmaceuticals.